Join Santa Monica Theatre for our first project of 2017. January 26th at 6pm, we have an amazing new play cast for a table read, Closing Civelli’s. Come support your local theatre arts. We are asking for $10 be contributed to our new seats. Seating is limited so order today.

by Tom Mahon

Play Description:
The afternoon before New Year’s Eve, five old-time regulars arrive to say goodbye to a favorite bar/restaurant that’s closing forever after half a century in business. Once rated The Best Italian Restaurant in Manhattan, Civelli’s has fallen off the map and is dying. The friends arrive to celebrate the memories they created at Civelli’s, but instead, surprising secrets are revealed: The owner tells of his true father’s identity to a pal he’s known since childhood in Little Italy: A once married couple tells each other upsetting secrets: Another recounts a sexual love affair in a most unlikely place — a Catholic Convent: And everyone’s favorite Drunk reveals a war crime he committed that no one suspected he could possibly have done: When a stranger arrives and confirms he’s the real father of Tommy Civlli, and a former priest, things become so dangerous that everyone learns how little they ever truly knew each other, even themselves until the night Civelli’s closed.

Tommy Civelli, read by Phil Abrams, bar/restaurant owner, about 70. A big man dressed shabbily, gone to seed after running the place where the play unfolds for 50+ years. He wears thick, tinted glasses, not unlike a blind man. Has a powerful voice and presence.

Jack Farley, read by Jeff Vernon, grew up with Tommy in Little Italy. Life-long friends until recent years. Wrote a book and a play but never followed through with more. Married numerous times. Drinks heavily. Vivacious. Dresses well.

Gail Talbot, read by Peggy Miley, another long-time friend of Tommy’s and the others. Married three times. Stopped drinking years ago. The least disillusioned of them all now. Reading up of all she’s missed over the years.

Rena MacIntyre, read by Cathy Deobler, late 50’s, one of the circle’s regulars that hung out at Civelli’s in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Married briefly to Jack. The least touched by the storm of time. Has a daughter from a previous marriage, and is a grandmother.

Eddie Harrington, read by Tom Mahon, similar in age to Tommy and Jack, but looks much older, very disheveled, long-time friend of both. An alcoholic with a big secret who speaks well, educated, polite.

McDermott, read by New Dayve, an older man and former priest and real father of Tommy Civelli. He arrives to meet his son and help however he can, but is confronted with rage he half expected but is disconcerted by its intensity. He has waited over a half century for this meeting.

Liu, read by Tamarah Ashton, Jack’s current girlfriend who bought Tommy’s mortgage. She’s referred to as The Dragon Lady because she’s buying everything she can in Chinatown and Little Italy. Ambitious, ruthless, effective.

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