Laura Penn was born in a small village between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. Uniquely she’s a left handed, natural redhead with no freckles and the innate ability to genuinely entertain people. She moved to Hollywood at age 18 and now has established permanent roots in Santa Monica, California.

For the past few years, Laura’s been driving around this busy city going to auditions. She enjoys improv and podcasting, booking commercials, and even building a quality voice over portfolio for the future. Laura Penn Studies. She’s currently enrolled in conservatory, classes, improv, and even casting workshops as well as participating in some meaningful plays. Laura Penn’s passion for festival quality indie films is matched with credits on TV shows & Feature Films / CSI: NY, Cold Case, The Curse of the Black Dahlia, & Wild Cherry. She is a trained American Actress and can take on any role with focus and attention to the details. Laura Penn is not considering reality TV or game show style work but is always open to interesting and challenging scripted work for SAGAFTRA Scale. “If you want to cast someone intelligent to listen, take direction, work well with others, show up on time, and participate quietly and creatively without complaining you should hire American Actress Laura Penn.”