Once upon a magical jungle island time, there dwelled a little girl named Emmy who dreamed of becoming a star in the vast night sky. She rode her bike and skipped about town amidst palm trees, orangutans, wild chickens, sorcerers and fresh coconuts. She continued her travels through the less treacherous environs of San Diego, New York City, and Houston, where she began expressing theatrics in the living room. During the teen years, the professional spotlight discovered her as a teen model and featured her in catalogues and magazines. Years later, after booking commercials and a guest role on TV with Barney & Friends, she could finally claim the title of professional actor! The call to act remained strong, even when she escaped the spotlight for some years. Destiny led her to Los Angeles, her forever home, where she pursues acting, music, freeway driving, and part-time veganism. Fly Girl is Emmy’s premiering role on the L.A. theater scene. As a superhero in America, Fly Girl dives into Super Racist with a dash of post-modern righteousness.