Amiracle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began studying guitar at the age of 12. After earning his BA in Music from CSUN, he used his talents in different bands, teaching guitar, & working at lame jobs like Enterprise Rent a Car & T-mobile. After years of disappointment in the music industry, Amiracle began implementing comedy in his band The Sweet Sweet Laxatives. They performed songs that sh*t on fools. Genius.

    For the last 10 years, Amiracle has been perfecting his unique style of comedy. You can find him in Youtube sketches, TLC’s Style By Jury, Kingdom, & Ted 2. He now performs all over the US in various comedy clubs, colleges, competitions and theaters.

    Amiracle’s musical brand of comedy is widely accessible and works anywhere in the world. From California to Canada, Europe to the Middle East, every audience loves to witness Amiracle. Music, Acting, Writing, Stand up Comedy, & lots of Charm make Amiracle exciting to watch everytime.